Gemini’s Mia Stella

Sire: BISS Ch Cosmic Goldstorm Cowboy Hardware SDHF
Dam: Gemini’s Lady Luck II
Whelped: 04/28/09




Pedigree of “Gemini’s Mia Stella”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

BISS Ch Cosmic Goldstorm Cowboy Hardware SDHF     


BISS Ch Bravo’s Old Spice SDHF, OS

 BISS/AM/MEX/AMS/WC Ch Sheffield-Ducat’s Spellbound SDHF, OS
Ginge Ain’t Whistling Diexie OD
Ch Goldstorm Pardon Me Boys Am Ch. Daybreak Varsity Jump OS
Ch Summit Goldstorm Move Over Girls


Gemini’s Lady Luck II

Ch Sunchase Ultra-Brite Not Ch Daybreak Varsity Jump
Ch Domans Sunchase U Snews U Lose
Ch Fallchase Gemini Markquise Diamond NAJ Ch Snowshoe’s Girl Crazy UD MH
Fallchase Call Of The South